Brief Introduction

Brief Introduction of Warom Explosion-proof Inspection and Testing Center


Warom explosion-proof inspection and testing center is financing established relying on China's largest explosion-proof electrical apparatus manufacturing enterprise---Warom Technology Incorporated Company,owning the most complete detection capability and inspection test conditions of explosion-proof electrical and inspection experiment ability for lighting lamps in explosion-proof electrical manufacturing enterprises,recognized as A grade laboratory by petroleum and chemical industry association for 10 years since 2008,meanwhile actively performs international test standards,assessed as witness testing room by IECEx lab for continuous 5 years,is the largest testing center in present domestic industry with the most advanced facilities and the most complete detection means.

Through years’ improvement of experimental ability and conditions,the center has a test area of 1500 ㎡,with 15 professional and technical personnels,10 technical personnels have intermediate title or above,1 committee member in international IECEx explosion-proof marks committee,6 committee members in China explosion-proof electrical standardization committee,2 committee members in illumination electrical standardization committee,whom has the most accurate technology control in the understanding of standards and criterions of test methods; It has more than 1000 sets of advanced and precise testing equipment,and has established 9 testing rooms,including material performance testing,electrical performance testing,explosion-proof performance testing,lighting performance testing and environmental performance testing,etc.The corresponding testing capabilities are as follows:

  1. Material performance testing room: it can complete material composition testing of aluminum alloy,stainless steel,brass and other metals,tensile strength testing and engineering plastic material performance,insulation level testing,etc.;
  2. Enclosure strength testing room: it can complete explosion-proof enclosure impact test,glass cover impact resistance test,static pressure test,drop test,cable clamping test and other tests;
  3. Environmental performance testing room: it can complete heat and cold resistance,durability test,high and low temperature test,low temperature limit test,humidity test,salt spray corrosion test and other tests;
  4. Enclosure protection laboratory: it can complete the enclosure waterproof level,dust level,enclosure negative pressure seal test and other tests;
  5. Electromagnetic compatibility testing room: anti-electromagnetic interference,electromagnetic conduction,harmonic parameters,anti-surge ability and other tests;
  6. Electrical performance laboratory: it can complete the withstand voltage strength,insulation resistance,large current generation,power factor,AC and DC all kinds of electrical parameters testing;
  7. Optical luminous intensity measurement room: it can complete the luminous flux test of any point in three-dimensional dynamic situation of luminous source.
  8. Lamp performance testing room: it can complete the light distribution test of lighting fixtures,which is the light distribution curve test;
  9. Precision measurement and testing room: fully automatic optical amplification and tight measurement of electrical clearance,creepage distance,size of micro components and internal structure size in tiny space;

The center carries out all kinds of inspection and test work in strict accordance with standard requirements,follows scientific and rigorous spirit,accurate and standardized method,just and fair attitude to provide inspection and test services,improves the overall technical level and testing ability of Warom explosion protection,and makes efforts to “create world famous explosion-proof brand"!

Lab 1

Material performance testing room 1


The laboratory can be used for tensile strength test analysis of metal materials and metal hardness test.The microcomputer hydraulic universal testing machine is provided by Shanghai Xinsansi measuring instrument manufacturing co.,LTD.,a famous manufacturer of tensile testing machine in China,suitable for tensile,compression,bending and shear tests of metals; the largest load reaches 300 kN,the control system adopts high precision sensors,ensure high precision,high reliability,good consistency,good stability,and can automatically correct when test according to the standard calibration,ensure the coaxial degree of the testing machine,microcomputer control the whole test process,dynamic display of real-time load value,displacement and deformation value,the test speed and test curve,automatic data processing analysis,and can automatically save the test data.

Rockwell hardness tester: Rockwell hardness tester is specially used for testing the hardness of metal materials.It can measure the hardness of various metal materials accurately and quickly.

Lab 2

Material performance testing room 2


The laboratory can be used for metal material analysis,including aluminum alloy,stainless steel,brass,carbon steel and other metal material composition detection,tensile strength testing and direct reading spectrum analyzer for engineering plastic material performance: The device was introduced into the world's largest atomic emission spectrometer manufacturer,German spike analytical instruments company.All important elements in metal materials can be detected,including trace amounts of C,P,S and N elements.Equipped with a complete working curve,suitable for the analysis of the corresponding base (metal base),such as: Fe,Al,Cu,Ni,Co,Ti,Mg,Zn,Pb,Sn.The full element analysis scope is covered,and analysis elements can be selected according to specific needs.Cover the quantitative analysis of various nonmetallic and metallic elements in common metals.

The equipment is controlled by microprocessor digital excitation light source,specifically for emission spectrum analysis of the development of CCD detector,high-performance readout system,new spark machine,innovated optical system and standardization,and unique ICAL single sample standardization,etc.,unique ICAL intelligent logic calibration system for intelligent logic tracing and standardization,greatly saved re-correction time.S P E C T R O M A X x optical system and all related components are sealed in the FALCON optical structure to avoid interference caused by dust or vibration.The new high performance readout system can process input data simultaneously and accurately,which is 50 times faster than previous systems.In this way,the analysis time is greatly shortened and the analysis precision is improved.According to different analytical requirements,analyzable requirements,the wavelength range of analyzable elements is from 140nm to 670nm.

1.Portable spectrum analyzer 

2.Desktop direct reading spectrum analyzer

Lab 3

Material performance testing room 3


The testing room can be used for electrical and electronic products,engineering plastic materials,fire hazard test,combustion performance test,resistance to electric leakage and trace test and hardness test of rubber and plastic.

Glow-wire tester: it is used to evaluate the ignition hazard of products by simulating the thermal stress caused by heat sources or ignition sources such as glow-wire elements or overload resistors in a short period of time under failure or overload conditions.

Needle flame tester: it is used to simulate the small flame produced by the product under the condition of failure and evaluate the fire danger and flame resistance of the product or material.

Leakage marking tester: it is used to simulate the leakage between live parts of different polarity or between live parts and ground metal parts that may cause leakage on the insulator.It is used to measure and evaluate the relative resistance of the insulator to electric field and water containing impurities under the specified voltage.

Rubber hardness tester (Shore durometer): widely used in rubber,plastic hardness determination.

Lab 4

Lamp performance testing room


The laboratory tests the light distribution performance of indoor lamps,road lamps and projection lamps as well as the total light flux of the light source.The laboratory is equipped with a standard dark room with a length of 15 meters and a highly automated light distribution performance test system.Equipment is brought from global famous photoelectric professional test equipment supplier- Hangzhou Yuanfang photoelectric information co.,LTD.,the test system including precision automatic two-axis turntable GO - 2000,distributed photometer circumrotated controller,computer,and GOSoft measurement and control software,high-precision PHOTO - 2000 dual channel dedicated precision photometer,WY series digital display DC steady flow stabilized voltage supply,PF9811 high precision intelligent single-phase power meter,standard darkroom can absorb light flannelette hang shade and no reflective carpet,the core of this system is automatic turntable,the clamping of sample to be tested,the rotation of C-axis and γ-axis and the accurate positioning of angle can be realized.The whole system completes each test task automatically by the computer special software.

Equipped with GOSoft measurement and control software,it can adapt to the luminosity test of all kinds of indoor lamps,road lighting lamps and projection lamps with complete test parameters,and can output the test results as IESNA,CIBSE,EULUMDAT,CIE and other formats,and directly serve as the input data of international general lighting design software.

Working principle:during the test,the lamps are fixed on the distributed photometer turntable,and the light flux at all angles is measured by double-channel special precision photometer when rotating on the test table.The detector is relatively static for the test and the measurement and control software automatically generates a three-dimensional light distribution curve.

Lab 5

Electromagnetic compatibility testing room


The laboratory can be used for electromagnetic compatibility (EMI) conduction interference test and lightning surge immunity test.

The equipment in the laboratory was introduced from Beijing Kehuan century KH3931EMI test receiver and Hangzhou distant EMS61000-5H lightning surge immunity test equipment.

KH3931 EMI test receiver:mainly used for electromagnetic conducted interference test of electrical equipment (lighting),suitable for measuring the interference field strength or sine signal field strength with frequency of 9 KHZ to 30 MHZ,measuring 50 Ω terminal voltage on the load and analysis harmonic and leakage field.The frequency stability is 10,the terminal voltage test error≤±2d B,the field strength test error≤±4d B 4d B,

the test result reaches the domestic advanced level.

Lightning surge immunity test

EMI conducted interference test

Lab 6

Electrical performance laboratory


The testing room can be used for dielectric strength test,grounding continuity test,insulation resistance test,low resistance test,ac and dc electrical parameters test,etc of electrical equipment (lighting fixtures).

Voltage withstand test instrument: used for insulation voltage withstand test of electrical equipment and low-voltage appliances; high voltage output and breakdown (leakage) current are digital display,high measurement accuracy.

Earthing resistance tester: used to test the earthing continuity between the earthing terminals of electrical equipment and the most accessible parts that may become live.

Digital megohm meter: used for testing insulation resistance of electrical equipment.

Low resistance tester: used for transformer,inductor coil copper resistance,relay contact resistance,switch,connector contact resistance,wire resistance,element solder point contact resistance,printed circuit board line and welding hole resistance,metal inspection,etc.

Lab 7

Optical intensity measuring room


The testing room is dedicated to test the photoelectric parameters of LED light source,gas discharge lamp,fluorescent lamp and energy saving lamp,introducing the world's most advanced integrating ball testing system; the testing system is provided by Hangzhou Yuanfang optoelectronic information co.,LTD.,a world famous supplier of professional optoelectronic testing instruments; the system is composed of HAAS-2000 high precision (scientific level) fast spectral radiometer,2m in diameter SPEKTRON coating integrating sphere,electrical parameter measuring instrument (PF9810),intelligent precision digital display dc steady current and voltage stabilizing power supply (WY305),program-controlled variable frequency voltage stabilizing power supply (VPS1030),0.3mLED special coating integrating sphere and supporting LED photochromic integrated measurement system management software.Equipped with HAAS - 2000 high-precision rapid spectroradiometer (scientific level) using the world's top scientific level of the refrigeration type field concave grating array detector peace,equipped with precision optical system and electronic circuit design,make the whole system realized the millisecond fast measurement,high resolution,high sensitivity,low noise,low stray light and wide dynamic range to achieve high precision measurement; the system can measure the spectral power distribution,chromaticity coordinates,main wavelength,color purity,related color temperature,color developing index,peak wavelength,red ratio,half width,luminous flux,luminous efficiency,radiation flux,ac-dc electrical performance and other parameters of the light source.

The system makes the company in the international advanced level field of light source detection,provide accurate and authoritative photoelectric parameters for the company's lighting design.

Lab 8

Environmental performance testing room


This laboratory is mainly engaged in the reliability test of products,simulating the customer use environment to verify the products.Constant temperature and humidity simulation test chamber can simulate the most extreme environmental conditions of customer,the highest temperature can reach 300 ℃,the lowest temperature can reach 70 ℃.There are two circulating fans which can evenly distribute the temperature in the cabinet to achieve the precise temperature control effect.High temperature aging box is mainly used for rubber aging test,thermal upheaval test,a small number of lamp aging test.The dust test chamber is suitable for testing the dustproof and pressure-proof safety level of product shell and seal,electrical performance,moving parts and lubricating parts.The main characteristic is that it has the function of adjusting the spray concentration;the fully enclosed structure is equipped with a dust power circulating motor and a vibration device,so that the dust concentration remains the same and stable.It has the function of power on test; with timing powder spraying,intermittent powder spraying,timing power,intermittent power and other testing functions.It can be applied to JIS,IEC,GB2423.37 and GB4208.

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